[Server]: IRN-International Radio Network

Address: vs23.tserverhq.com:7014
Name: IRN-International Radio Network
Status: Online
Password: No Password
Users: 14 / 50
Channels: 27
Country: United States
Version: 3.7.1 (2019-03-28 08:46:26)
Platform: Linux
Last online: 2019-08-26 07:01:05
Last offline: 2019-07-30 11:11:24
Uptime: 26D 19:50:00
Votes: 0
Listed since: 2019-03-26 15:47:50
Last scan: 2019-08-26 07:01:05
Servertime: 2019-08-26 05:03:41

Welcome Message of the Server:

Welcome to the International Radio Network (IRN) on TS3. This server is provided to registered users and members. This server is for the use of licensed amateurs and approved members (the ability to transmit in certain crosslinks is only granted to confirmed licensed radio hams). Transmission abilities are disabled by default until you are confirmed as an authorised user by a server admin. Please see the IRN guidelines for further information and operating instructions.